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"We recieved many kudos from our student body, praising our decision to go with"
- John Paul Matychak

Privacy Statement:
All of the private contact information you provide here will never be sold, released, or published. will only use your e-mail address to send you a confirmation message, and the FREE Report that you get for completing the survey. You may sign up for our FREE newsletter when you complete the survey, if you choose to. More information on the newsletter can be found at the end of the survey.

Contact Information
Name: Position:
E-mail: Office Phone:
School Name: Which student government?
Were you referred to our site by another school's student government? If so, please give us the name of the person, and the college or university that they represent.



1. How many students at your school are eligible to vote in your election?

2. What percentage actually vote? (Rough average of the last 3 years, rounded to the nearest percentage point)

3. When do you hold your election?

4. How many days does your election run from start to finish?

5. What do you think are the TWO biggest causes of low voter turnout?
student apathy
students having to go out and vote at a central location
voting locations that are out of the way for many students
students not getting enough information about candidates, and refusing to vote without enough information.
students unaware of election

6. Do you award prizes for voting?
Yes No

7. If you give out prizes, do you think this idea improves turnout? If you do not, do you think that it would?
Yes No

8. How do you promote your election, so that students know when, where, and how to vote? Please check any and all that apply.
posted flyers on campus
handing out flyers to students
school newspaper/publication articles
college radio station announcements
e-mail reminders
classroom reminders

9. Do you have any unique promotional ideas?

10. Do you contract a company to run your election? If you do, what is the name of the company?

11. How do your constituents vote?
Voting booths/machines - voters enter a booth and vote using a mechanical voting machine. This machine records the number of votes for each candidate.
Paper ballot - voters mark a piece of paper next to the names of candidates, place the paper in a box, and results are hand counted.
Online - voters cast their ballots on a web site
E-mail Based- voters send an e-mail with their ballot.

How long have you run your elections this way?

13. What do you like about this system? What works well?

14. What don't you like about your system? What are it's disadvantages?

15. Is your student government considering running elections online?
already using online voting, and happy with it
already using online voting, and unhappy

16. Are you interested in finding out about's easy to use, secure online voting system?

17. In the last three years, have you had anything go wrong with your elections? If so, please briefly describe what happened…

18. How much does it cost each year for you to run your election in terms of:
Marketing costs: $
Renting of equipment: $
Other expenses: $
What is the total amount of man-hours required to run your election?

19. In the Lehigh University's last election student government election, TRIPLED their voter turnout. If Lehigh had 3000 students, how much would you guess we billed them for?
under a thousand dollars
between $1000 and $1250
between $1251 and $1500
Between $1501 and $1750
Between $1751 and $2000
Over 2000 dollars.

20. Based on the number of voters that you have at your school, how much would you consider buying our service for if we guaranteed that we could double your voter turnout?
under a thousand dollars
between $1000 and $1500
between $1501 and $2000
Between $2000 and $2500
Between $2500 and $3000
Over 3000 dollars.

21. Would you utilize a FREE Forum, where you can communicate with leaders in other student governments across the United States? This forum can be used to ask question, share ideas, and help your fellow student leaders.
Yes No

22. Do you want to sign up for our FREE Newsletter so that you can receive more information than just the special report? The newsletter is sent once every 10 to 14 days, and contains updates on our site's progress, as well as valuable information that will help you run your next election.
YES I am interested! Please sign me up for the Newsletter.
No thank you.

23. Because of the time involved for us to make sure your election runs smoothly, can only offer our online voting service to 30 student governments between now and May 15th, 2004. Out of those thirty, one will be selected to receive a FREE ELECTION! Do you want to find out more about this promotion?
Yes No

24. Roughly what percentage of your student population are commuters?